Walk This Road With Us!

Walk This Road With Us:  An abridged text of a speech by comrade Prairie Fire

The principal contradiction, the main divide that shapes our world is between the wealthy countries versus poor countries. A global city versus a global countryside. The exploiter countries versus exploited countries. The First versus Third World. This is what we need to understand to make revolution today. And revolution is the only answer to the problems facing our world.

Ideology is a weapon. The people of the Third World and their allies fight back with whatever weapon they have. If they have a knife, they use a knife. A brick. A gun. Mao’s general, Lin Biao called revolutionary science the spiritual atom bomb that will save the world. Whenever the masses have been given science, they have picked it up. Marx. Lenin. Mao. They have changed the world.

A new red wave is begging to break out across the world. We must be willing to study the question of revolution. We must understand what past revolutions have done right, and what they have done wrong. We must reject the bourgeois nonsense that has taught us that socialism and communism are dirty words. We must not be afraid to be Leading Lights, to lead, to be the vanguard.

History has placed this role on our shoulders. We are condemned to lead. This is our responsibility. Our revolution will come from the darkest places — where revolution is not simply one option among many, but from where it is the only option, it is survival. From the poor places, the indigenous places, from the mountains and jungles and slums of Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

We are in the middle of a world war, World War 3. The First World wages war against the Third World. There is a genocide against the Third World. Every year, far more people die in the Third World than died in the Holocaust. We must not be like the “good Germans” who sat silently as their neighbors disappeared into the ovens. People are burning and the Earth is burning.

We can’t help where we are from, whether we are part of the First World of the Third World, but we can help where we are going. We need to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. We need to create real revolution: A New Power that will bring forth a New World! ! The end of ALL oppression. No exploitation. No rich. No poor. No national oppression. No gender oppression. The liberation of the poor, women, the youth. No more egoism, no more individualistic consumerism, no more me, me, me. Total liberation!

People have made revolution before us. They will make revolution after us. But we are, now, on this long march together. The march is full of twists and turns. It is full of errors and retreats. It is a protracted struggle. We will not win overnight. But there is no greater journey. We will walk this road together. Walk this road with us, because revolution is the only solution!